Grumpy Cat Halloween Pictures


Grumpy cat may speak for most pets when it comes to dressing up in pet costumes but your furry little munchkins can be a good sport for you every once in a while.  Check out these super cute pet Halloween costumes for some great ideas!



Airline Pilot Cat Costume





Here’s an adorable airline pilot cat costume.  Ready for take off in 5 minutes.






Airline Pilot Cat Costume

Alligator Dog Costume Idea




This is probably one of the more elaborate dog Halloween costumes you could choose. It would take a dog with a little muscle to drag the costume around but very creative!




Alligator Dog Costume

Alligator Dog Costume




Here’s another alligator dog costume idea that’s a little easier to manage than the one in the picture above.





Alligator Dog Costume

Banana Dog Costume Idea





Here’s a cute banana dog costume idea.




Banana Dog Costume

Bat Kitty - Cat Costumes





How adorable is this? This is the cutest bat kitty cat costume ever!





Bat Kitty

Batman and Superman Dog Costumes




This Halloween dress your little superheros in a Halloween costume befitting their heroic selves.





Batman and Superman Dog Costumes

Super Kitty Cat Costumes




It’s Super Kitty! What an adorable Superman costume for a cat!





Super Kitty

Here are a few more Batman costumes for cats and dogs that are simply adorable!

Batman Cat Costumes







Not sure if your bat cat would be too happy with this costume but it’s so cute!







Batman Dog Costume Idea





Here’s one of the funniest pictures of a Pug in a Batman dog costume. Just look at that face!






Batman Dog Halloween Costumes







This little pooch already has the Batman ears to go with his cute Batman dog costume.






If you’re looking for some pop culture pet Halloween costumes here’s a few for your consideration:

Bjork Swan Dress Dog Costume Idea



Who can forget the Bjork swan dress? You could dress in matching outfits with your little furry baby.



Lady Gaga Hair Bow Pet Costume Idea


The Lady Gaga hair bow is trending hot this Halloween, this could be a great Halloween costume idea for either a cat or a dog.



Marilyn Monroe Dog Costume Idea





Here’s an dog costume with a salute to the iconic Marilyn Monroe.
Image Courtesy of Bitch New York




Elvis Cat Costume




Another icon in pop culture is the infamous Elvis Presley. This costume idea shown on a cat could work for either a cat or a dog.



Honey Boo Boo Cat Costume Idea






It takes all kinds and amazingly Honey Boo Boo is part of pop culture at the moment. Here’s a cute Honey Boo Boo cat costume idea.






Witches and Wizards

Wizard Cat Costume







Black cats and witches are pretty integral to Halloween. Here’s a wizard cat costume idea if your boy cat doesn’t want to be a witch.






Witch Cat Costume







Here’s the most adorable little witch costume for your Halloween kitty.






Bumble Bee Dog Costume Idea





This could easily be a fun homemade dog costume to do and super cute!






Bumble Bee Dog Costume

Bunny Rabbit Cat Costume Idea






What an adorable Easter bunny costume for a cat and the whiskers just make it perfect!






Easter Bunny Cat Costume

Easter Bunny Dog Costume Idea





Here’s a similar Easter bunny costume for a dog. Awwww!






Easter Bunny Dog Costume

Cheerleader Dog Costume Idea





Looking to let out your pet’s comical side? Here’s a funny dog costume idea for a cheerleader.





Cheerleader Dog Costume

Chia Pet Dog Costume




You’ve seen the chia pet on TV commercials, why not have your own real life chia pet this Halloween? Too funny!





Chia Pet Dog Costume

Chicken Cat Costume Idea








Here’s a quick and easy cat costume idea for a chicken. Works great for pet with white fur.








Chicken Cat Costume

Chihuahua Dog Costumes






Just about everything looks cute on a Chihuahua. Here’s a cute costume idea for what looks to be a mouse in a jacket.






Mr. Mouse Dog Costume

Construction Worker Dog Costume Idea



Here’s a fun homemade dog costume idea using clothes you may already have around the house.





Construction Worker Dog Costume

Cow Dog Costume Idea





Here’s a funny cow costume idea that can work for small to mid-size pets.







Cow Dog Costume

Disco Dog Costume Idea






Get your pooch’s groove on with this 70′s disco wig. Too funny!






Disco Dog Costume Idea

Dog Halloween Costume Ideas




Here’s what looks to be Swiss Alps inspired dog costumes? Very cute!





Swiss Alps Inspired Dog Costumes


Star Wars inspired many costume ideas for people and it didn’t stop there. Here are some cute Star Wars character dog costumes.

Darth Vader Dog Costume









Darth Vader lives with this awesome dog costume.








Darth Vader Dog Costume

Yoda Dog Costume






OMG! This is Yoda dog costume is too funny and cute for words!






Yoda Dog Costume

Princess Leia and Darth Vader Dog Costumes




These pooches are so adorable in Princess Leia and Darth Vader dog costumes.




Princess Leia and Darth Vader Dog Costumes

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker Dog Costume





This creative and homemade dog costume of a Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker is pretty awesome! Obviously this costume works best for dogs with long legs.





Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker Dog Costume


How about some cute pet costumes inspired from the early American pioneer days?

Davey Crockett Cat Costume Idea




Here’s a fun cat costume of famous frontiersman Davey Crockett for your little adventurer.




Davey Crockett Cat Costume

Pocahontas Cat Costume Idea





Here’s a quick, easy and inexpensive cat costume idea for Pocahontas that you can DIY for under $10.






Pocahontas Cat Costume

Pilgrim and Indian Pet Costumes





Pilgrims and Indians making friends this Halloween with these oh so adorable pet Halloween costumes.





Pilgrim and Indian Pet Costumes


Here’s a couple of cute pet costumes from the Wizard of Oz

Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz Dog Costume




Check out this homemade dog costume of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. It’s super easy and inexpensive to DIY.




Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz Dog Costume

Wizard of Oz Dog Costumes




Here are a couple of dog costumes from the Wizard of Oz of the Tin Man and Dorothy.




Tin Man and Dorothy Dog Costumes


Elephant Cat Costume Idea





Cute cat costume idea of Dumbo the Elephant.






Dumbo the Elephant Cat Costume

Fairy Dog Costume








Let your pooch sprinkle a little Halloween magic with this adorable fairy costume. Easy and inexpensive to DIY.







Fairy Dog Costume

Cool Cat Costumes





This fun cat costume gives new meaning to the phrase “cool cat”.





Biker Cat Costume

Funny Dog Costumes




Here’s a funny dog costume idea of a pirate stealing treasure.




Pirate Dog Costume

Geisha Dog Costume Idea







Too funny! This geisha dog costume is a crack up!







Geisha Dog Costume

Giraffe Dog Costume Idea






Awww, that giraffe dog costume is so adorable and funny.






Giraffe Dog Costume

Hello Kitty Cat Costume






A cat dressing up as another cat…that’s kind of funny in itself but this Hello Kitty costume is adorable.







Hello Kitty Cat Costume

His Royal Higness Dog Costume Idea







Here’s a cool homemade dog costume befitting His Royal Furriness.






His Royal Furriness Dog Costume

Hot Dog Costume Idea





The classic hot dog costume for wiener dogs. How on the nose!






Hot Dog Costume

iPug Dog Costume Idea



Here’s a funny homemade dog costume for an iPug. Poor little Pug doesn’t look too happy about this costume but this costume is seriously cute!



iPug Dog Costume

Frog Cat Costume Idea






Here’s a funny yet simple and easy to manage cat costume of a frog.






Frog Cat Costume

Leprechaun Dog Costume Idea







This funny dog costume does double duty for Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day. What a cute little Leprechaun dog costume idea.






Leprechaun Dog Costume

Lion Cat Costume





Nearly the purrfect costume for a kitty or should I say mini lion?





Lion Cat Costume

Lion Dog Costume Idea




This lion mane pet costume isn’t just for cats. It looks awesome on a dog too!




Lion Dog Costume

Mailman Dog Costume



Here’s a fun homemade dog costume idea for a mailman you can easily make with items you may already have in your closet.




Mailman Dog Costume

Masquerade Kitty Costume



Here’s an elegant cat costume idea of a masquerade mask for your elegant kitty.




Masquerade Cat Costume

Mice Cat Costumes




The purrfect disguise for mousehunting! These mice cat costumes are too adorable!




Mice Cat Costumes

Nun Dog Costumes



Doing penance for chewing up your favorite rug? These nun dog costumes are hilarious!



Nun Dog Costumes

Penguin Cat Costume







This penguin cat costume is too cute for words!







Penguin Cat Costume

Gift Thieves Dog Costume




Here’s a cute dog costume idea for your furry little thief.




Gift Thieves Dog Costume

Ram Cat Costume Idea







What an adorable cat costume and a little apropos for your strong willed fur ball!







Ram Cat Costume

Sailor Dog Costume Idea




It’s Popeye the sailor man! Great homemade dog costume idea you can easily DIY!




Sailor Dog Costume

Scuba Diving Cat Costume Idea





Um, good luck trying to get your cat into this costume but still a cute costume idea…in theory.





Scuba Diver Cat Costume

Snow White Cat Costume




This Snow White doesn’t look too happy. The Evil Queen must have made her wear this costume. :( Cute cat costume idea though.



Snow White Cat Costume

Spaghetti and Meatballs Dog Costume Idea



Here’s a homemade dog costume project that is under $10. Cute spaghetti and meatballs costume idea…and what a good sport your pooch is for wearing it!




Spaghetti and Meatballs Dog Costume

Spider Cat Costume Idea



It’s Spider Kitty! This costume can actually work for either a cat or a dog and is perfect for Halloween!




Spider Cat Costume

Spider Dog Costume




This spider costume looks so perfect on a black dog and is also one of the most awesome dog Halloween costumes ever!





Spider Dog Costume

Squirrel Dog Costume Idea





What a cute little squirrel costume! This costume looks easy to manage and super adorable!





Squirrel Pet Costume

State Trouper Cat Costume Idea



Driver’s license and registration please. Here’s a funny homemade pet costume idea for either a cat or a dog of a State Trooper.




State Trooper Pet Costume

Teddy Bear Cat Costume







OMG! This is the cutest cat costume ever! Your real life little teddy bear!







Teddy Bear Cat Costume

The Headless Horseman Dog Costume






The headless horseman is trending hot this Halloween thanks to the Fox TV series Sleepy Hollow. Here’s a funny headless horseman dog costume.






Headless Horseman Dog Costume

Three Headed Dog Costume



Super funny dog costume idea for a three headed dog. Awesome Halloween costume idea.




Three Headed Dog Costume

Tigger Cat Costume




What a cute Tigger cat costume!





Tiggar Cat Costume