Troll Doll Costume IdeasIf you have kids the idea of dressing them up in funny kids Halloween costumes at Halloween is almost irresistible, especially if your kids are really young. Some of the Halloween costumes for kids these days are so adorable and funny you just melt when you see your little one that cute.  If you want some super adorably funny Halloween costume ideas for kids we have some truly funny Halloween costumes for kids to show you.

Troll Doll Costume Ideas

OMG! That is too cute for words! This Troll doll costume has to be one of the cutest and funniest costume ideas for kids ever!

Big Bird Costume Ideas






How adorable is this? Get your camera out for this memorable costume idea for Big Bird from Sesame Street.







Big Bird Costume Ideas via

Gnome Costume Ideas

Gnome Costume Ideas






What an adorable little gnome costume idea for your little gnome!





Olaf From Frozen - Halloween Costumes For Kids





Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen is trending as one of the hottest Halloween costumes for kids this year.





Olaf from Frozen

Sock Monkey Costume Idea - Funny Halloween Costumes



The sock monkey has made a comeback and this costume idea is a funny Halloween costume that will work for kids or adults.



Sock Monkey

French Bulldog Costume Idea - Funny Halloween Costumes




You’ve seen dogs dressed up to look like humans well how about your little one dressed up to look like a French Bulldog? This is hilarious!


French Bulldog

Bag of Jellybeans

Bag of Jellybeans




Here’s a fun and super easy homemade Halloween costume that kids will have fun with. You just need a giant clear plastic bag and some balloons. Did we mention it’s also under $10 to make?






Cotton Candy - Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids





Here’s a cute and funny Halloween costume idea for kids as cotton candy.  All you need for this adorable costume is some cotton batting spray painted pink and a Styrofoam cone and some fabric, some string and a glue gun.  Easy DIY Halloween costume.






Cotton Candy

Cupcake Costume Idea - Homemade Halloween Costumes








Adorable cupcake costume idea for your sweet little cupcake.







Cupcake Costume

Slurpee Drinks - Funny Halloween Costume Ideas






Actually this costume would work for any age, not just kids, but still a funny Halloween kids costume idea.







Slurpee Drinks

Minnie Mouse - Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids







This adorable Minnie Mouse costume is something you can DIY really easy and it’s too cute for words!






Minnie Mouse Costume

Frida Kahlo Costume - Funny Halloween Costume Idea for Kids







This is a cute and fun homemade Halloween costume for kids that is super easy to DIY. Make sure to include the unibrow with this costume.





Frida Kahlo

Subway Sandwich


Babies are so cute you sometimes just want to gobble them up. Here’s a cute Halloween costume idea for a newborn. Just use a Subway sandwich wrapper and some paper cut outs of veggies and you have an adorable Halloween costume for a baby.


Subway Sandwich

Colgate Toothbrush - Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids






A little construction paper, some foam core, and some clear plastic straws or glue gun sticks and, voila, you have an adorable toothbrush costume.







Colgate Toothbrush

Pillsbury Doughboy Costume Idea - Funny Halloween Costumes







How adorable is this costume idea of the Pillsbury Doughboy? Too cute on a chubby little baby.







Pillsbury Doughboy

Popeye Costume Idea - Funny Halloween Costumes






How about dressing your little one up as Popeye the Sailor Man? Easy costume to make and super adorable.









Mr. Peanut Costume Ideas







Oh how adorable! This costume is too funny for words.







Mr. Peanut Costume Ideas via

Halloween Monster Costume Idea - Homemade Halloween Costumes







Cute little monster costume idea for your little monster.









Monster Costume Ideas

Hannible Lecter Costume Ideas






This funny costume could work out quite well for both you as well as your kid. He gets driven around all night instead of having to walk and you get no talking for a while.  It’s a win win!






Hannibal Lecter Costume Ideas via

Human Torch - Funny Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas







Fun and easy to make homemade Halloween costume of the Human Torch.








Human Torch Costume

Stewie From Family Guy - Halloween Costumes for Kids








Here’s a Stewie from Family Guy costume that is super easy to DIY!







Stewie From Family Guy

Dwight Character from The Office Costume Idea




If you are a fan of the funny TV comedy The Office then you’ll love this adorable Dwight Character Halloween costume idea.





Dwight Character from The Office

Will Work For Candy - Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids








Here’s one of the funniest homemade Halloween costume ideas for kids this Halloween. Will work for candy homeless kid costume – too cute!









Will Work For Candy

Bank Robber and His Bag of Loot Costume

Bank Robber and His Bag of Loot Costume






This cute little father and child costume idea is awesome and very easy to DIY.






Toy Soldier







What little boy doesn’t love toy soldiers and pretend to be one when he’s playing? Make it real for your little one with an actual toy soldier Halloween costume.





Toy Soldier

Baby Spartacus Costume Idea - Homemade Halloween Costumes









Your little gladiator in the making…too adorable! For the t-shirt you can go to and upload a picture of 6 pack abs and they will print in out on a t-shirt for you.









Baby Spartacus

Aliens in Baby Costume







Here’s proof your little monster is really an alien. Hmmmm….so that explains what all that stuff that he threw up and pooped out was.





Aliens Coming Out of a Baby Costume





Looking for more funny Halloween costume ideas for kids? How about a toilet? All you need is a cardboard file box, a toilet seat, a trash bag and plunger and you’ve got a funny Halloween costume all set to go. (pun intended) :)






Toilet Costume

Lobster in a Bucket Costume




This little lobster is too cute for words!





Lobster in a Bucket Costume

Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume - Funny Halloween Costumes






Your yummy little one just got even yummier with this funny spaghetti and meatballs costume idea.







Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume Ideas

Cabbage Patch Costume Ideas







You finally got the Cabbage Patch doll you always wanted! LOL!






Cabbage Patch Doll Costume Ideas via

Oompa Loompa Costume Idea - Funny Halloween Costumes






This costume is so funny! Very easy and inexpensive to DIY and your kid will love it.







Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka

Mouse and Trap Costume




This cute little costume might require a trip to Home Depot for some of the supplies but it is actually pretty easy to DIY.




Mouse and Trap Costume

Super Girl Costume







Here’s a funny kids costume idea for supergirl. Great way to recycle outgrown colored tights too.  Just add a simple cape and supergirl is off to the rescue of neglected candy everywhere.







Super Girl Costume

Owl Costume







This adorable homemade owl costume just requires some (or a lot) of cut fabric pieces and a glue gun. Great DIY costume project.







Owl Costume

Spider Costume - Halloween Costumes for Kids






Halloween and spiders go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here’s a funny Halloween costume of a spider.





Spider Costume

Ursula From The Little Mermaid Costume Ideas







What a cute and funny costume idea for your Little Mermaid fan. Love the makeup too!








Ursula From the Little Mermaid Costume Ideas


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