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So you need some creative Halloween costume ideas? These are some of the best and creative Halloween costumes you’ll find anywhere!




No need to spend big bucks for some fun and truly unique Halloween costumes. This first video has some really creative costume ideas using apps on your iPhone.



If you are a Transformers fan…you’ll LOVE this! This particular costume of Bumblebee from the movie Transformers is not actually for sale but they do have other robot costumes for sale…but they are a bit pricey….ok more than just a bit but still this is really fun to watch!



Here’s a cool Halloween costume of a Treant. A treant is creature inspired by the talking trees of mythical folklore. The name treant comes from combining tree and giant. Treants are characters in Dungeons and Dragons as well as a character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s World of Middle Earth. The costume looks like it wouldn’t be that hard to make. You would just need to be able to walk on stilts.



Ok, so for one of the most creative Halloween costumes ever … How about being an alien creature this Halloween? These costumes are not cheap. You can buy these alien legs from Digilegs for about $600 but what a cool Halloween costume!



Here’s a cool costume idea for guys.  How about Archangel Michael from the SyFy Channel’s new original series Dominion?  Here’s a video tutorial showing how to make the angel wings and costume.



This last video is a compilation of a lot of really great Halloween costume ideas. The music soundtrack does have some foul words in it so if you are easily offended by foul language then do not watch this video but if you can get past that then I think you’ll find some great Halloween costume ideas you can use this Halloween.

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