Princess Buttercup and Wesley

Princess Buttercup and Wesley

Looking for some great couples Halloween costume ideas for this year’s Halloween parties? There are lots of great Halloween costumes for couples on this website to spark your imagination and have some fun with your partner. On this website most of the pictures of Halloween couples costumes show actual pictures of real couples in the costumes so you can get an idea of what others have done and how they did their costumes.

This site has a lot of very sexy couples Halloween costume ideas to inspire your naughty side. Halloween is probably the only time of year when dressing outrageously sexy is actually encouraged. Have some fun with your partner dressing up in super sexy couples Halloween costumes and show off your sexy hotness.

There are also some very creative couples Halloween costume ideas here featuring characters from movies, cartoon series, video games, fairy tales and such. The only limit is your imagination. Check out some of the creative costume ideas others have come up with.

And there are also funny couples Halloween costume ideas here as well if you and your partner just want to let your comical sides out to play and make people laugh.

No matter what your mood is this Halloween you can get some really great Halloween costume ideas that will help you find the perfect costume. Make sure to check out the videos below for even more great Halloween costume ideas for couples.


Angel and Devil - Couples Halloween Costume Ideas




Here’s a modern version of the age old angel and devil costume.  Both costumes are easy to make and sexy to look at.




Devil and Angel

Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Couples Costume Idea



Here’s a picture of Kim Kardashian all dressed up as a very sexy Red Riding Hood and her partner for the evening as the Big Bad Wolf.  How hot is that?




Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Question and Huntress - Couples Halloween Costume Ideas





If you’re a DC Comics fan how about dressing up as the evil power couple Question and Huntress? Super easy costume for a guy and sexy costume look for a girl.









DC Comic’s Question and Huntress

Fiona and Shrek - Couples Halloween Costume Ideas




Fiona and Shrek are another fun and super easy couples Halloween costume.





Fiona and Shrek

Avatar - Couples Halloween Costume Ideas



If you’re an Avatar fan here’s a fun couples costume.




Avatar Couple

Beetlejuice - Couples Halloween Costume Ideas





This Beetlejuice couples costume is both funny and quite creative and doesn’t take much to pull it off. Only head masks and finger eyeballs are required.






Beetlejuice Couple

Power Rangers - Couples Halloween Costume Ideas






Ok Power Ranger fans here’s a great couples Halloween costume that will let you go incognito and you don’t even have to do your hair or put on makeup.







Power Rangers

Jessica Rabbit and Detective Eddie Valiant

Jessica Rabbit and Detective Eddie Valiant





Here’s a variation for a Jessica Rabbit couples costume that’s easier for a guy to manage than dressing up in a rabbit costume.  Go as Detective Eddie Valiant and Jessica Rabbit.





Edward and Bella From Twilight

Edward and Bella From Twilight





If you’re a Twilight fan then perhaps consider going to your next Halloween event as Edward and Bella. Don’t forget the vampire eyes that make the costume work.

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Axl Rose and Slash Couples Costume Ideas





Here’s a unique couples costume idea. Even though Axl Rose and Slash are obviously not a couple it still works to do this costume idea as a couples costume.




Axl Rose and Slash Couples Costume Ideas

Aragorn & Arwen from Lord of the Rings Couples Costume Ideas







Here’s a romantic couples costume idea from Lord of the Rings for Aragorn and Arwen.






Aragorn and Arwen Couples Costume Ideas

Ruffnut & Astrid - How To Train Your Dragon Couples Costume






Fun couples costume idea for Ruffnut and Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon.






Ruffnut and Astrid Couples Costume Idea


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