Zombie, Zombies, Zombie Costume, Zombie Makeup, Halloween Zombies are hot right now.  If you are looking for an easy costume, dressing as a zombie for Halloween basically requires zombie makeup and clothes you probably already have in your closet or that you can get from a thrift store for next to nothing and not much else.  How does it get any easier or inexpensive than that?


If you don’t know what kind of clothes a zombie would wear have no fear.   Here’s a YouTube video from Expert Village showing you how to select clothing for a zombie costume.


Once you have your zombie clothes you need to know how to zombify them.  Is that a real word?  This next YouTube video I had to dig around to find it but this is really good.  It will show you how to make the clothes for your zombie costume actually look like zombie clothes.


After you have your zombie clothes sorted out you will need zombie makeup.  I have a lot of tutorials for zombie makeup on my makeup tutorials page on this website.

CLICK HERE for Zombie Makeup Tutorials

All you need to know after this is how to survive a zombie attack.  Watch closely!


And just for fun you can check out Zombie Con 2008 in New York .  A huge crowd of zombies were there eating brains and running amuck through Manhattan.



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