Halloween Costume Ideas, Vampire costumes, Vampire MakeupVampire costumes are pretty much a staple of Halloween costumes.  It is probably THE original Halloween costume along with witch costumes.  Vampires are even hotter now more than ever!

Since the Twilight movie series and the Vampire Diaries and True Blood TV series, being a vampire is the new sexy! Vampire costumes have come a long way since the comical Dracula look in decades past.  Usually now it involves wearing something beautiful, elegant, yet very sexy  for women and nice suits for men.

The vampire makeup, the fangs, the blood and the eyes are what makes the vampire costume unmistakable and classic.  Below is a YouTube video of how to do vampire makeup.



Once you’ve got your Vampire Makeup on you need your vampire fangs.  After all it wouldn’t actually be a vampire costume unless there are vampire fangs.  This next YouTube video shows you exactly how to put on your vampire fangs.



And of course you will need vampire nails to complete the look.


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