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Here’s some great makeup tutorials on YouTube for the coolest Halloween Makeup.  Zombies are hot this year so if you are doing a zombie costume you’ll need to know how to do zombie makeup. Silvia Quiros has about 981 makeup tutorials on YouTube and she has a great zombie makeup tutorial.




Here is another zombie makeup tutorial you might enjoy. It is split into two parts. She walks you through everything step by step. Cool to watch.



If you are planning to be a witch this Halloween or any of the scary costumes here is a great witch Halloween makeup video.  The actual tutorial part starts at about 1:49 if you want to skip all the movie / role play intro.



Another Halloween makeup classic is the zippered face or lips.  Here’s videos for both.



If your Halloween costume ideas call for gory bloody eyes then you might like this next Halloween makeup tutorial.



Any gory Halloween costume, whether it’s zombies or any of the scary Halloween costumes out there you might need to create a wound.  Here’s a great video on how to create a wound.



And this next video is a real specific Halloween costume. If you happen to be playing Pinhead from the movie Hellraiser then you’ll love this.  But even if you’re not it’s such a cool video it had to be included in the list!



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