Halloween Costume Ideas, Fairy, Fairies, Faeries, TinkerbellBeing a fairy is another one of the very popular Halloween costume ideas available…especially for young girls.  But adults can look great in fairy costumes too.  While Tinkerbell may be the most famous fairy of all time there are many types of fairies beyond just Disney fairies.

There are elves that you might be from Lord or the Rings or World of Warcraft or Legend of Zelda for example.


Or you could even create your own version of a fairy costume like you see in the picture above.  But the two main characteristics that define a fairy are the fairy wings and the elf ears.  For fairy costumes the wings are the most important feature while for elves the most important feature are the elf ears.  It’s even better when you have both together.

Here is a wonderful YouTube video showing you how to make wire free cellophane fairy wings for about $10.



Here’s another YouTube video showing you how to make fairy wings using some wire clothes hangers and a couple of pairs of old tights and some ribbon and glitter.  They show it using black tights but you could use any color of tights for this to match whatever color you want your fairy costume to be.  This is a very easy homemade Halloween costume you could make quite inexpensively.



Here’s a great YouTube video showing you how to make elf ears using felt and some double stick tape.  This is a very inexpensive project that is quick and easy to make.



Elf costume ears





If you would like more realistic looking elf ears you can get a prosthetic latex elf ear kit.

Buy Prosthetic Latex Elf Ear Kit Here





After you have your elf ears sorted out you will need to have some fairy makeup to complete your fairy costume.  Here’s a great YouTube video tutorial for doing fairy makeup.  Just watching the video is quite enchanting….she must have sprinkled it with fairy dust!



And here’s a YouTube video showing you how to do elf makeup and how to put on elf ears.  This is showing an elf costume from The Legend of Zelda.



Buy Fairy Costumes Here



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